Introduction to tPOS Discounts

This article will give a brief   In order to set up and configure the discount for use in tPOS, you are going to need access to the vinSUITE Admin Panel.  The following steps will guide you through the basics of discount setup


1.  Log on to your Admin Panel

2.  On the left pane, select MARKETING, and then Discounts

3.  Click   to create a new discount

   This new window should open:

4.  Enter the Discount Name

5.  Choose who this Discount is "Available To".  Your Options Include:

  • Everyone (this discount will be available to all customers)
  • Select Member Types (You can choose which member types are eligible for the discount)
  • Select Club Levels (You can choose which club levels are eligible for the discount)

6.  If this is an automatic discount, leave the Promo Code blank.  If this is a manual discount, enter the Promo Code*.  This code will appear in tPOS.

7.  Choose the Type of Discount.  Please see your options below:

*Promotions on Select Product Categories is not designed for tPOS, so please do not use this, as it will not work.

8.  Choosing the "Single Use Coupon" will allow you to set up a single use discount.

9.  Choose the "Start Date" and "Expires" date for the discount.

10. Click Save.  This will open up some additional Tabs for configuring the discount.  Depending on the type of discount, the tabs will change.

The example above shows the tabs that appear for a Club Level discount on Select Products.  The Club Levels tab allows you to select the Club Level that is eligible for this discount.  The Products tab allows you to select the products eligible for the discount.  Other Options include:

Member Types: This tab allows you to choose the member type eligible

Product Type: This tab allows you to choose which type of product is eligible

Brands:  This tab allows you to choose which brands are eligible.

Save any changes made.

11.  Select the Excludes tab.  Here you can set up which items are not eligible for this discount.

12.  Click on the Promotions Tab

Choose if this discount applies to Products, Shipping, or Both

Select the percentage or amount to discount, and any limitations to the order amount or quantity of items.  Save your changes.

13.  If this discount can be combined with another discount, select the Coupling tab and choose the discounts needed.  Click Save.


Congratulations!  Your discount is now ready for use in tPOS.  If your discount is based on club level or member type, add a member to the transaction that fits this criteria.  Add your items, and proceed to the Order Summary Screen.  Your discount should be automatically applied to the order.


*If you chose to give your discount a Promo Code, please follow these steps to add your discount:

1.  At the Order Summary Screen, select the Discounts Button

2.  Select the "Select Promotion" drop down box

3.  Select the promotion to add to the transaction.

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