Updating your member's SHIPPING address

In this guide, you will go through the process of updating the address on file for your club members.

Updating your member's address book

  1. On the Order Setup screen, Tap/Click 'Guest':
  2. Tap Search Member:

  3. Enter the criteria to find your club member, and the button:

  4. Go to the Address Book(1) tab, and select the existing address(2):

  5. Make your address updates(1) and save your changes(2):

NOTE: This does not update your member's address on record for their club membership; Please continue with this article to make this change, as well.

Applying the new address to the club record

  1. Starting from step 4 above, go to the  tab(1), and select the customers club(2):

  2. Select the newly updated address from the (1), and (2):

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