Wine Club: Club Batch Pre-Flight

Wine club success is dependent upon good preparation and organization.  Ultimately, each winery is unique in how they handle their wine club shipments so your "pre-flight" checklist may be a little different than what we have listed below.  We offer this list as a starting point of the basics to help get you started on creating your own wine club pre-flight processes.

Wine Club Pre-Flight Checklist

Set-Up Shipping in vinSUITE
Club shipments in vinSUITE will utilize the same shipping tables as your everyday shipping orders.  If you have special shipping rates for the wine club, you will need to make sure those rates are entered into the shipping table before you start to create orders.

Club Level Set-Up in vinSUITE
Club Levels for the most part are set up once then used over and over again.  In vinSUITE, a single club level represents a group of members that receive the same wines, shipping interval and/or discount level.  Remember, shipping is controlled by "Shipping Type" within each membership so there is no need for separate club levels by shipping type.

Add Wine Club Members
Add wine club memberships to your customer database.   Remember, the club levels assigned to each member will always be based on the wines that the member receives, the interval at which they receive them and possibly the discount offered.

Wine Club Discounts
Club Discounts are controlled using the PromoBuilder.   Discounts applied to orders created in the wine club batch are separate from your daily club discount that applies to orders from the web or the tasting room.  Like, shipping rates, discounts can be set up one time then used over and over again.

Product Set-Up
Be sure the that the products that you plan on including in your wine club shipment have been added to your vinSUITE Admin Panel.  For those using NVPOS or ShipCompliant, you will need to make sure any new products are set up there as well.
Pre-Shipment Communications

Automated System Emails (ASE's)
ASE's are emails that are triggered by actions taken by club members; sign ups, updates, cancellations, etc.  To utilize these emails you will need to ensure that they are active.  you may also edit these emails and customize the copy to fit your needs.

Shipment Notifications
Most wine club managers will send a shipment notification email to their wine club members letting them know their wine club shipment is coming.  This is the perfect opportunity to remind members to update their shipment and payment information.

Request for Account Updates
In addition to the shipment notification mentioned above, you may also wish to add an additional reminder for members who may need an extra reminder to update their account.  An email to folks who need to update expired or expiring credit cards is an excellent example of this kind of email.   Similar requests can be made for members who customize their shipments.

Make notes for your Club Shipment
Making yourself a list of the products, discounts and special requirements for each.  This list will help you stay on track and ensure that your club is set up properly.



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