Wine Clubs: Step #1 Create Club Batch

Create Club Batch

1. Select the ‘New Batch’ option located in the top-left corner of the screen. This starts the Club Batch utility.

2. When you create a batch you are initially placed on step #1 – ‘Create Batch’. From this screen, you must first enter two pieces of information:

  Club Batch Name. The name can be anything you like. Best Practice here suggests that the batch name should be some combination of the club level and the date of the batch. For example; "Gold Club Fall 2016" would represent the Fall 2016 shipment for the Gold Club.
Club Level. From the Club Level drop-down, choose the club level that you want assigned to this batch. This selection will dictate which wine club members are pulled into this batch.

Once you’ve entered the name & selected the club Level, click ‘Save’ to continue.

3. After ‘Save’ has completed you next need to add the following additional pieces of information in order to proceed:

Club Ship Date. This date dictates which club members within the selected club level are eligible to receive orders in this club batch based on hold date.  Club members excluded from the batch will be anyone who is marked as on hold on or before the target ship date.
Choose Default Shipping Type. Select a shipping type from the ‘Default Shipping Type’ drop-down box to dictate the shipping carrier to use for club members having a shipping type of "Default".
Choose Fulfillment House. Select a Fulfillment House to use for packaging/shipping of the club batch orders. For wineries that will be packaging/shipping their wines, simply use the default ‘Winery Direct' option.

Note: The Fulfillment House option is required only if you are using ShipCompliant & have elected to have them provide Fulfillment services

4. Step #3 completes the initial entry for the club batch. You can revisit the 'Create Batch' step at a later time to make changes to the initial configuration. In addition to the default settings outlined above, you have two additional options allowing you to modify order intervals for club members based on their join date. See below for descriptions.

Add New Club Members Until.This option allows you to set how long you want to allow NEW wine club members to be added to this batch following the initial club run.
Exclude Members With Club Shipments After. This option defines the allowable time between club shipments. Best practice is to enter the target ship date from the previous club shipment here.

Once you've completed creating the wine club batch, click the 'Save and go to next step' option to proceed to step #2, Create Order Template.

Click the link below for step #2.

Step #1: Create Batch

Step #2: Create Order Template

Step #3: Create Orders

Step #4: Manage Orders

Step #5: Finalize Batch

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