Wine Clubs: Step #3 Create Orders

Create Club Orders

1. The Create Orders step allows you to view current club members & create orders for eligible club members.




Members Excluded From This Shipment. Members in this section are excluded from the batch based on either:

  1. The club members' sign-up date and/or the date of their last shipment falls outside of the club batch ship settings. To make adjustments to these settings, return to 'Create Batches' step #1 and adjust the dates.
  2. Members on Hold. These members have an active On Hold date for their club membership and will be excluded from this shipment until their hold date has passed.

Select Members. This section allows you to select eligible club members listed in the 'Members Without Orders' section based on specific criteria, including:

  1. Members: All Members or New Members
  2. Shipping Type: All available Shipping Types
  3. State: Selection by state
  4. Member Type: All available Member Types

Once you've completed making your selection criteria, clicking the 'Find & Select Members' option will check-mark all club members shown in the 'Members Without Orders' section matching your selection. Clicking the 'Select All' option will check-mark all club members.


Create Orders/Save Selected Members Once you've selected a group of club members from the 'Members Without Orders' section, these two options allow you to either:

  1. 'Create Orders' will immediately begin to create orders for all selected club members. This option is preferred when you are creating less than 500 orders at one time.
  2. 'Save Selected Members' is recommended in situations where you have a list exceeding 500 members. Using this option places the selected club members into a 'Order Holding Queue' that you can then access from the Club Batch Main Admin Screen to create orders at a later time. Refer to the 'Club Batch Admin Screen' page for further details.
D.png Members Without Orders Members in this section include everyone who is eligible for a wine club shipment in this batch but has not yet had an order created.

Actions Column The 'Actions' column located on the right side in the 'Members Without Orders' section provides you with two shortcuts that you can use on individual club members. Clicking the pencil icon Pencil.png  will open the club member record & easily allow you to make any last-minute changes to the club member record before creating an order. The plus sign icon PlusSign.pngwill create a club order for just that club member



Select Step #4, Manage Orders, to proceed to the next step.

Step #1: Create Batch

Step #2: Create Order Template

Step #3: Create Orders

Step #4: Manage Orders

Step #5: Finalize Batch

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