Wine Clubs: Step #2 Create Order Template

Create Order Template

1. The Create Order Template screen allows you to add products that will be used for your default club orders. You will also be able to apply discounts previously created in the Discounts utility.


A.png Add Items. This section allows you to add products to be included on the club order template. You have the following options available to you for selecting products.

The 'Featured' tab provides a listing of all products that are marked as 'Featured Product in OMS' under the Products' Categories tab.


 The 'Search' tab allows you to search for products by simply typing in the product name.


The 'Catalog' tab allows you to select products based on product type. Select the product type category from the left side drop-down, then select the product from the drop-down located on the right side.




B.png Add Discounts. This section allows you to add discounts previously created in the Discounts utility. To add a discount, select the discount from the dropdown box & click the 'Apply' Command.


You may add multiple discounts to the order template. vinSUITE will automatically apply discounts to each club member order based on the discount(s) they are eligible for.


Items in Batch/Discount. This section provides you with a listing of the items & the discounts that you have added to the order template.


For Wine Club Levels having a set Fixed Bottle Count and/or a Fixed($) Rate, vinSUITE will require you to meet those criteria before allowing you to move to the next step.


After you've completed this step, select Step #3, Create Orders, to continue.

Step #1: Create Batch

Step #2: Create Order Template

Step #3: Create Orders

Step #4: Manage Orders

Step #5: Finalize Batch

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