Wine Clubs: Step #4 Manage Orders

Manage Orders

1. The Manage Orders step allows you to view, edit, & process orders created in Step #3 'Create Orders'


 A.png Select Orders

This section allows you to select orders listed in the 'Unprocessed Orders' section based on specific criteria, including:

  1. Order Status: All Order Statuses, including Pending Club Orders, Pending (Previously Declined) Orders, and Quarantined Orders.
  2. Shipping Type: All available Shipping Types
  3. State: Selection by state
  4. Member Type: All available Member Types

Once you've finished making your selection criteria, clicking the 'Find & Select Orders' option will check-mark all orders shown in the 'Unprocessed Orders' section matching your selection criteria. (Clicking the 'Select All' option will check-mark all orders).

 B.png Process Selected/Save Selected/Canceled Selected/Email Selected Members

Once you've selected a group of orders from the 'Select Orders' section, these four commands provide you with the following options:

  1. 'Process Selected' will immediately process orders for all selected club members. This option is preferred when you are processing less than 500 orders at one time. When you successfully process a club order the following automated activities will occur:
    1. Each members' primary credit card on file will be charged for the full amount of their order.
    2. Members will be sent a copy of the 'Club Order Confirmation' email to their primary billing email address. This is an Automated System Email that you can edit under the vinSUITE Marketing menu.
    3. For ShipCompliant subscribers, orders will be checked and committed prior to billing. For orders that fail ShipCompliant review, the order will be placed in 'Quarantined' status & will require you to correct the issue and then resubmit the order.
  2. 'Save Selected Members' is recommended in situations where you have a list exceeding 500 members. Using this option places the selected orders into a 'Order Holding Queue' that you can then access from the Club Batch Main Admin Screen to process orders at a later time. Refer to the 'Club Batch Admin Screen' page for further details.
  3. 'Cancel Selected' will delete the selected orders. Deleting orders will result in the club member reappearing under step #3 - Create Orders section. This option is useful in cases where you need to start over with the creation of multiple orders.
  4. 'Email Selected Members' will send emails to club members whose order has been attempted to process but has been declined and now has a status of Pending. This is an Automated System Email that you can edit under the vinSUITE Marketing menu.

C.png Unprocessed Orders

Orders listed in this section include all orders that are marked with status other than 'completed Order'. Typical order statuses listed in the Status column include:

  1. Pending Club Orders Orders with this status have not yet been processed. The customer's credit card has not been charged, and the order has not been shared or sent to any programs outside vinSUITE.
  2. Pending (Declined) These are orders that have been previously submitted for processing in the club batch, but failed due to problems with the credit card that's attached to the order. Once the issue(s) have been corrected, you can then resubmit the order to your payment gateway.
  3. Quarantined Orders Orders that have failed one or more of the ShipCompliant compliance checks. You must have an integration with ShipCompliant in order to receive orders with this status.



Select Step #2, Create Order Template, to proceed to the next step.

Step #1: Create Batch

Step #2: Create Order Template

Step #3: Create Orders

Step #4: Manage Orders

Step #5: Finalize Batch

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