Adding a member to a wine club

In this document, we will go through the process of adding a new member to your system, and adding them to a wine club. 

Adding a new member to your system

  1. Tap on:

  2. Tap on:

  3. Either enter the customers details using your keyboard, or select the  button and swipe the customers driver's license, and select the 

Adding the member to a Club

  1. Tap on the Customer's name:

  2. Tap on:

  3. Tap on  and tap on:

  4. Enter your customers address here and . We will use this record to populate the address for the club record in the next step.

  5. Tap on  and tap on:

  6. Fill out all of the required fields. You can select the address you just entered using the address book drop down. Once you have entered all required fields, make sure you tap on 

Adding the member's card-on-file

  1. Tap on  and tap on:

  2. Enter all fields, and enter a nickname for this card, if desired, and tap on 

Congratulations! You have successfully added a new member, entered them into a club, and saved their credit card information. 

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