[QZ Tray] Implementation for Label Printers

This article will go over how to setup QZ Tray for thermal label printing for shipping.

Estimated time: 15 min


For Installation of QZ Tray Click Here and follow steps 1 - 8

After QZ Tray is installed, continue below

1. Log in to your WineWeb Admin Panel to complete the steps below

2. Click Orders > Ordering Options

3. The QZ Tray setting is controlled by a checkbox in the WineWeb Oder Processing Options page as shown below

4. Once the QZ Tray checkbox has been selected, save the settings by hitting "Update", log out, then log back in and the QZ Tray software is ready to use

5. Printing a Label for the first time

The first time the QZ Tray software prints a label, your must authorize the connection request to the WineWeb server by allowing QZ Tray to initiate the connection.  The following popup window will appear during the very first QZ Tray print request.

6. Check the box labeled "Remeber this decision", then Click "Allow"

This is a one-time action and it will not appear for any subsequent print operations

7. Controlling the QZ Process

To access various configurations and control options, click on the triangle icon in the system tray

QZ Tray is the green printer icon

8. Set QZ Tray to auto start with windows 

Click your system tray and click on the QZ Tray icon, select "Automatically Start"

Congratulations!  QZ Tray should now be implemented to use with Label Printing.


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