Creating a TabletPOS Tip Report

In this article we will cover creating a TIP report in the vinSUITE Admin Panel for TabletPOS tip reporting.

Estimated Time for Completion: 5 minutes


1.  Log on to your vinSUITE Admin Panel

2.  On the left side of the screen select Reports, then Report Builder


3.  On the Report Builder page, fill in the following information:


        1.  Report Name (ex. Tips Report)

        2.  Visibility

            NOTE: Shared can be viewed by all Admin Panel Users.  Private is only available to the you (the creator)

        3.  Report Base (Must be Sales Detailed)

4.  Select  Next.png

5.  On the Edit Fields page choose the following Sorted Fields:


  • OrderDateCompleted
  • OrderNumber
  • SalesAssociate
  • ProductSKU
  • SoldPrice
  • OrderTotal

6.  Select  Next.png

7.  On the Filter Data page add the following filters:


  • OrderDateCompleted -- Greater Than or Equal (>=) -- (Beginning Date)
  • OrderDateCompleted -- Less Than or Equal (<=)     -- (End Date)
  • ProductSKU              -- Equal (=)                         -- TIPS

               To add a new filter: Add the filter, then the operator (<, >, =), and then the parameter of the filter.  See Below:



8.  Select  Next.png

9.  On the Preview & Complete page select Save___Run.png


10.  Your new tip report will generate and export the .xls file

               NOTE: You can view this report using Excel


Congratulations!  You have successfully created and generated your new Tip Report.  For other Report Builder tips and tricks, and for assistance building additional reports, please check out our Report Builder Help Section here.

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