Site Editor: Redirecting a Menu Item

It is possible to redirect a page in your menu to another page via the admin panel. Redirects are most commonly used in the following situations:

  • When vinSUITE is hosting your store, but you host your content pages elsewhere. Typically, we will build the generated menus in the vinSUITE site editor, and redirect those pages to the corresponding pages on your site. This way you have full control over making updates to your navigation.

  • You want a link in your menu to go offsite.

  • You want a link in your menu to go to a page that already exists elsewhere on your site. Rather than recreating and maintaining the same page so that it can exist in two separate places in your navigation, you can create it once, and redirect another placeholder menu item to that page.

PLEASE NOTE: You should only create redirects for menu placeholder pages created in the site editor. Adjusting redirects on system-generated pages such as member account pages, etc. could cause them to work incorrectly. It is not possible to redirect from store categories.



To create/update a menu page redirect in the eWinery admin panel:

  1. Click on Site Editor. If you are adding a new page to your navigation menu, create the page and assign it an order so that it appears in your menu in the place you'd like it to display. If you are changing an existing page's redirect, open the page you would like to edit. You may set up redirects for both pages that appear in the main menu and for subpages.

  2. Click on Page Properties in the bottom right area of the editor pane, and popup window will appear. Enter the redirect code in the Page Redirect field: pages.redirectPage&redirecturl=

  3. Add the entire URL of the page you want to redirect to directly after the equals sign, ie:

  4. If you are creating a new page, be sure to set the page to display in your Main Menu or your Footer Menu, by selecting that in this same window. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the popup window, and close the window.

  5. Now that the page is redirecting, the information entered in the content area will not display on the site, so this is a good opportunity to make a note telling yourself or another person on your team that the page is redirecting, and where. You may make this note anyway you prefer. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the editor pane.

  6. Always test the page on the front end of your site to make sure the redirect is functioning correctly.


Congratulations! You have successfully redirected a page in your menu.


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