Club Order Pickup Process

In this article, we will mark a club order as picked up, and print out receipts for your pickup order on your vinSUITE DestkopPOS station.

Selecting your Club Member

  1. Open CustomerCentral:
  2. Search for and Select your Club member:

Picking up the Order

  1. Open CustomerCentral:

  2. Select the Pickup Orders tab:

  3. On the desired pick-up order, click Willcall Pickup(1), enter the name(2) of the individual picking up the order, and click Submit(3):
    NOTE: You can see what items are on the order by clicking the small [+] symbol, or the Show Items button next to each order.

  4. If you would like a Winery and Customer receipt, select OK(1), otherwise select Skip(2) :

You will notice that the pickup button next to the order that was just marked as picked up will change to indicate this process has been completed:

Congratulations! You have successfully marked your club order as picked up.

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