tPOS: Adding/Updating the Customer Credit Card on File

This guide will walk you through adding or updating the customer credit card kept on file for use within the tPOS system.

**Prerequisites:  In order to add the credit card on file, the Sales Associate must have permission to "Edit Members"


1.  Log into tPOS

2.  Touch GUEST to add a member to the order guest.png

3.  Search for the member by touching the SEARCH MEMBER buttonsearch_member.png

4.  Enter the Search Parameters and touch the arrowsearch_member2.png

5.  Add the member to the order

6.  Touch the member name John_Doe.png

7.  Touch the DETAILS button


8.  Touch the Credit Card tab and select Add a New Credit CardCredit_Card_Tab.png

NOTE:  To update an existing card, simply select the credit card listed in the Credit Cards section

9.  Enter the required credit card information and touch Save ChangesCredit_Card_Info.png

10.  Touch SelectSelect_the_Member.png

11.  Add your item(s) and touch the Arrow to advance to the Order Summary Screen


12.  Touch the Credit Card payment icon Credit_Card_Icon.png

13.  Touch the Use Card on File option


14.  Touch the new/updated Card on File to finalize the sale


Congratulations!  You have successfully added a new card on file for your member.  This will now be available for future purchases.

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