Site Editor: Creating a Page

All websites come with some generated pages, but any additional pages will need to be added manually. Here's how!

  1. Once inside the admin panel, select Site Editor to view the Site Tree. It will load on the left hand side. 

  2. Scroll down the Site Tree until a green paper icon next to Add Page is visible, at the very bottom. Select it, and a blank page will load on the right hand side.

  3. Enter the page title desired, in the marked field.
  4. Make sure to add an Order number, so the page knows where it belongs in the Site Tree. It is good practice to use a multiple of ten. That way, if additional pages need to be added later, there is room to do so, without needing to reorder every page.

  5. To create the page, click the blue Save button, on the right, at the bottom of the page.
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