Site Editor: Creating a Page

All websites come with some generated pages, but any additional pages will need to be added manually. Here's how!

  1. Once inside the admin panel, select Site Editor on the left hand side. This will open a drop down menu. Select Pages, to view the Site Editor Pages

  2. Enter the page title desired, in the marked field, above the Site Editor Pages.

  3. By default, the new page will have Home selected as the parent page. To select a different parent page, open the associated drop down and click the desired page.

  4. To create the page, click the blue Add Page button on the far right. The interface will reload, and the new page will appear in the Site Editor Pages below.

  5. There are three options associated with each page, View, Edit and Delete. They are represented by icons on the far right. 

  6. To change the page order within the Site Editor Pages, click/hold the page icon and drag to the preferred location.


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