Setting Up an Automatic Backup of Your RMS Database

This article will explain the setup and configuration of your RMS SQL Database backup.

NOTE: This is a standard configuration for backing up the RMS database and reports.  Based on your network, and SQL Server configuration, your backup configuration may vary.

1.  We will start by creating 2 new folders for our backup files

  • Create a folder called Backups here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Retail Management System\
  • In the new Backups folder, create a folder called Reports

2.  Download and save the RMS_Backup.bat file attached to this article

  • Save this file here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Retail Management System\Backups\

3.  Right click and choose "Edit" on the RMS_Backup.bat file


   1.  Configure the SQL Credentials in this Section

  • USER = This is the SQL username (typically 'SA')
  • PASSWORD = This is the SQL password
  • RMSSERVER = This is the name of the PC that houses the database
  • DATABASE = This is the Name of the Database to be backed up

   2.  Configure the Backup directory that the backup files will be saved to

  • BACKUPDIR = This is the location that will be used to save the backup files
  • BACKUPNAME = The name of the file that will be created when the database is backed up
  • BACKUPNAME2 = The old backup file will be renamed and saved under this name (giving you 2 separate backups of your database)

4.  Confirm the location of your custom reports for backup


  • In this example, the customer reports are located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\Reports\

5.  (Optional) Save the backups to another PC on your Network


  • This section configures the backup to copy the Backups folder created in step 1
  • The folder will be copied to the path: \\Server\RMS_Backups\ where 'Server' is the name of the destination PC

  NOTE: The 'RMS_Backups' folder must be created on the destination PC and be SHARED on the Network

6.  Save the RMS_Backup.bat file

7.  Right Click on the RMS_Backup.bat file and click 'RUN'

8.  Confirm that your RMS backup file was created and saved in the Backups folder


We are now ready to set up the daily backup scheduler task


1.  Click the START button > Windows Administrative Tools > Task Manager


2.  Select 'Create Basic Task...'


3.  Name your Backup Task and click 'Next'


4.  Select your Backup Frequency and click 'Next'


5.  Choose the Backup Start Date and Recurrence and click 'Next'



6.  Choose 'Start a program' and click 'Next'


7.  Click 'Browse...' and find your RMS_Backup.bat* file and click 'Next'

  • In our example the file is located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Retail Management System\Backups\


8.  Verify your settings are correct and click 'Finish'


Congratulations!  You have successfully Setup and Configured your automatic RMS Database Backup.


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