Creating a Sales Associate

In this guide, you will create a new Sales Associate and assign a PIN number and permissions to this record.

  1. Sign into your vinSUITE Admin Panel

  2. Go to Settings > User Management:

  3. Select the Sales Associates tab:

  4. Select Add_Button1.png

  5. Enter First Name(1), Last Name(2), PIN(3), set the appropriate permissions(4), and click Save(5):Sales_Assoc_Fields1.png

Permission Descriptions:

Can Void Orders? This permission allows your cashier to void out sales. This can be a useful tool for correcting mistakes made on a transaction after it has been processed.
Can Override Compliance? This permission allows the cashier to bypass a compliance response and process a sale. This might be useful to get the customer on their way, and correct the compliance response later when your tasting room gets a lull in service.
Can Edit Members? This permission controls whether a cashier can make changes to an EXISTING member record. This permission does NOT impact their ability to add new members to the system.
Can Apply Quick Discount? This allows the cashier to use our Quick Discount features in the system, allowing for a quick blanket discounts to be applied on the fly.
Can Customize Product Price? This permission allows the cashier to change the price of a line item on the sale.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Sales Associate for your TabletPOS system.

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