Site Editor: Styling text within your content

Plain text is fine, but sometimes to get your point across, you'll want to bring in boldness to indicate importance, a tasteful underline to suggest urgency, or italics to indicate, uh, slantiness.

(IMPORTANT: If you're pasting your text content in from elsewhere, make sure it's in a plain text format, with no styles applied. You can style it as you wish by following the instructions below.)



Selecting and changing text styles:

    1. Within the Site Editor, proceed to the page containing the text you'd like to spice up.


    2. Select the specific text you'd like to work with. If it's a single word, you can select it by double-clicking it. If it's multiple words, you can select them by clicking and dragging until they're all selected.

    3. You can make your selected text bold by clicking on the big, chunky B in the Site Editor menu. (To disembolden that text, make sure it's selected, and click on that chunky B one more time. This will toggle the boldness.)


    4. You can underline your selected text by accessing the Format dropdown menu in the Site Editor.


      Then select the Underline option within the dropdown menu.


      Your selected text is now underlined. (To remove the underline, simply return to the Format menu and select Underline again.)


    5. You can make your selected text italicized by clicking on the elegant, Leaning-Tower-of-Pisaesque capital I in the Site Editor menu. (To straighten out that text, make sure it's selected, and click on the elegant I one more time. This will toggle the slantiness.)


    6. If you're feeling adventurous, you might try emboldening, underlining, and italicising the same text. But be warned: nobody who has attempted doing so has ever been heard from again.

Congratulations! You have successfully made your text more stylish.


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