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What are Product Categories?

Product categories are used to organize the structure in your online website store and display your products. Each category listed in the online store represents the parent page for that category on the vinSUITE Commerce Admin Panel. You can also add subcategory pages (also known as 'child' pages), which will appear on your website as a link on the website page menu. 


Add a Product Category

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, navigate to the 'Products' section and select "Product Categories'.



2) The Products Category screen will display a list of categories as they appear on your website store.


A.png  Add Product Category

This section allows you to create additional categories that will be displayed in your web store.

To create a new category, enter a name for the category & select a parent category , then click the 'Add Product Category' button.



Category Display

This section provides a list of the categories that already display on your website store.

Click the edit icon Edit_Icon.jpg to edit a category.

Click the trash icon  TrashCan.png to delete a category.


3) Once you have successfully added a Product Category, you can drag the category to reorder the list. This is the order the Product Categories will display on your website. Click the 'Save Changes' button to save any rearrangements. 


Note: Any fields placed above the StoreFront parent page (or equivalent) will not display. Only active Product Categories below the parent page will be displayed in order on your website store. 



4) Click the edit icon Edit_Icon.jpg to edit the appropriate category.



5) Product Categories have three tabs that can be edited. 

Category Content tab


A.png  Category Name

Enter the name of the Category. 

Note: The text in this field will be displayed on your website at the top of the Category page. This text will not change what displays in the navigation menu.

B.png  Text 

Enter any applicable text to describe or advertise the Category.

Note: The text in this field will be displayed on your website at the top of the Category page. 


Note: Any compliance messages for particular States will also appear at the top of the Category page. This content is based on the compliance messages set up in your State Profiles.



Category Properties tab



A.png  Parent Category

This text displays the parent category for the sub-category you are editing. 

B.png  Product Category Image Enter any image you wish to display at the top of your Category page. 
C.png  Marketing URL

Enter an appropriate Marketing URL to create a cleaner URL when customers access that page.

Example: Enter "cabernet" as the Marketing URL. The URL will appear as "".

Note: Ensure the Marketing URL does not contain any spaces.

D.png  Private Category

Switch the toggle to 'YES' to mark this Category as Private. If you mark this Category as Private, it will not display in the navigation panel on your web store.

A Marketing URL should always be entered for a Private Category, so web users are still able to access your Category through a link. 

Note: A Category for your POS Store should always be marked as private, so it does not display the main online store.  
E.png  Meta Tag Title

Enter any applicable Meta Tag Title(s)

The Meta Tag Title is the text what appears in the browser tab at the very top of your browser.

Note: If nothing is entered in this field, the browser tab will either be blank or will display the URL for the page being viewed.

F.png  Meta Tag Keywords

Enter any applicable Meta Tag Keywords

The Meta Tag Keywords guide online search engines to a particular page. Any keywords you enter must relate to the content of the page.

G.png  Meta Tag Description

Enter any applicable Meta Tag Description(s)

The Meta Tag Description briefly summarizes your site or page for online search engines. With these descriptions, you can control how your site is defined and what people see when the site is found by search engines.





Select the appropriate response if this category is active or inactive.

B.png  Product Display

Note: This setting is only applicable for legacy clients with non-responsive websites. 

C.png  Quick Order Options

Note: This setting is only applicable for legacy clients with non-responsive websites that use the Quick Order Product Display.

D.png Hide Product Price Units

Note: This setting is only applicable for legacy clients with non-responsive websites. 

E.png  Start Date

Enter the date that this Category should begin displaying on your website.

Example: This can be very useful if you are advertising a sale at your winery for a limited time.

F.png Expiry Date

Enter the date that this Category should stop displaying on your website.

Note: This Category will be deactivated, but not deleted, on the set expiration date.  

G.png  Checkup Date

Enter a date you'd like to be reminded to check up on a Category. The Category will turn red on the specified day in the Category List. 

Note: Currently, this reminder is only functional for legacy clients with non-responsive websites.   


Category Security tab


A.png  For Member Types

Switch any toggles to limit the access of this Category to certain member types.

Example: Switch the Club Members toggle to "ON" to limit this category to Club Members. Only Club Members logins will be able to access this Category. 

Note: If all the toggles are switched "OFF," the category will available for every person who visits your website.   



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