Site Editor: Adding color to your content text

Plain text is fine, but sometimes to get your point across, you'll want to introduce a splash of color. Here's how.

(IMPORTANT: If you're pasting your text content in from elsewhere, make sure it's in a plain text format, with no styles applied.)



Selecting and changing the color of text:

    1. Within the Site Editor, proceed to the page containing the text you'd like to spice up.


    2. Select the specific text you'd like to work with. If it's a single word, you can select it by double-clicking it. If it's multiple words, you can select them by clicking and dragging until they're all selected.


    3. You can change the color of your selected text by clicking on the Text Color selector in the Site Editor menu. Then choose whichever one of the available colors you'd like to use.


    4. As you can see, your selected text now shows up in the color of your choice.


    5. You can change the color of your selected text's background by clicking on the Background Color selector in the Site Editor menu.


    6. In this example, we've chosen a black background color. For maximum contrast, we'll set the text color itself to white.


    7. As you can see, a black background with white text truly makes your text pop.


Congratulations! You have successfully made your text more colorful.


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