Member Record: Channel Tracking

Channel Tracking is a feature that allows wineries to track where members originated from.This feature provides tracking information for the following three channels:

  1. Member Origination
  2. Initial Club Membership
  3. Newsletter Subscription


If a member’s first contact with the winery includes signing up for a club via the website, Channel Tracking will then automatically populate both the Member & Club Channels.

The member's channel tracking information displays on the general page of their member record.



You can also manually modify channel tracking information from the “Channel Tracking” tab located in the member record.


To customize the displayed names of the Channels, navigate to the to Site Editor > Channels menu & edit the Custom Label field.


The following report fields have been added to the Member and Club Member base reports:

Member BASE Report:

  • Club Channel
  • Member Channel
  • Newsletter Channel
  • Sales Associate - Member
  • Sales Associate – Club
  • Sales Associate - Member
  • Sales Associate – Newsletter

Club Member BASE Report:

  • Club Channel
  • Sales Associate – Club


  • If the winery is updating or creating members via DesktopPOS, Member Details in tPOS or an integration the sales associate will be “API-Webservice vinSUITE”.
  • The default channel for signing members up via the vinSUITE Admin panel will be “Phone”.
  • The newsletter field will automatically update if the member subscribes via the website. Otherwise, the channel tracking information will need to be manually set in vinSUITE.
  • Channel Tracking must be enabled in the wineries Master Settings. Contact our Support Desk at to enable this feature.


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