Adding a New TabletPOS Location

This article will discuss adding a new location for remote TabletPOS transactions.

Prerequisites: Access to the System Settings section in the Admin Panel


First we need to create a new Will Call Shipping Type for the new location:


1.  Log on to vinSUTE

2.  On the left side, Select Shipping -> Wine Shipping -> Shipping Type


3.  Select   Add_Shipping_Type.png

4.  Set up the Shipping Type:


  1. Enter new will call Shipping Type Name
  2. Add PIC to the Carrier Code


  1. Will Call must be YES
  2. If this new shipping type is only available in TabletPOS, select Mobile POS Only "YES"
  3. Set License Relationship as Pickup
  4. Set Pickup Type as Pick Up
  5. Enter the Location Company Name
  6. Website URL should be set to MOJOE
  7. Enter the Address information for the new location

Be sure to click  Save.png


Now we can create the new location for the tPOS system:

1.  Select Settings -> System Settings Settings.png

2.  Create a new Location:



  1. On the left choose the MobilePOS tab
  2. Under Manage Locations, Select Add New Location


  1. Name the new Location
  2. Click Add Location to save

3.  Edit the new Location


4.  Configure the Location Settingsnew_location_edit2.png

  1. Location Name
  2. Tax Rate % Override
  3. Does this Location accept tips?
  4. From the drop down box, select your newly added Shipping Type
  5. When done, select Save


Now we can create the Device for the new location:

1.  Under Manage Devices, Select  Add_new_device.png


  1. Choose your new location
  2. Enter a new device name
  3. Select Add Device

Congratulations!  Your new location is now set up and ready for use within the TabletPOS application.


Log into your TabletPOS Application to use your new Location:


  1. Select the new location and device
  2. Touch the arrow to log in


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