TabletPOS Implementation: Start to Finish Guide

This guide will walk you through the TabletPOS implementation from start to finish.

Estimated time to complete: 90 minutes

Tablet POS Installation Checklist

Enable Tablet POS & Related Modules
 1.  Signed Contract Received
 2.  Project Manager / Customer Care Associate Assigned
 3.  Enable Tablet POS in eWinery master settings
     − Set up MobilePOS Payment Gateway
     − Enable Save & Recall in Master settings
     − Enable Sales Associates in Master settings
     − Enable POS
                -Set Username
                -Set Password
                -Set Number of Licenses
                -Select Use Inventory option
                -Enable Tips (if applicable)
 4.  Enable NVPOS TotalRecall (if applicable)
 5.  Ensure Client has acquired tablet devices to use for Tablet POS
 6.  Swipes & stands can be ordered through eWinery
 7.  Arrange training. (


Configure Tablet POS Licenses, Locations and Devices
These tasks can be reviewed during the training process but will be completed by the winery client. In addition to training, set by step directions are available for winery clients in the eWinery Online Help Center.

1.  Configure Tablet POS settings
     − Confirm # of available Licenses
     − Add Locations
     − Add Devices
     − Upload background images
2.  Setup Sales Associates
     − Add to Sales Associate Table
     − Set PIN numbers for each Sales Associate
     − Set permissions by Sales Associate
3.  Setup Products on Tablet POS
     − Add Categories under “POS STORE”
     − Add/Edit Short Names
     − Add Products to POS STORE category & any subcategory
     − Adjust browser setting (if using MS Surface) to refresh session on each visit.


Enable TabletPOS

Setup Mobile POS Payment Gateway

  • In the Winery Master Admin settings, enter credentials for mobile payment gatewaympos_payment_gateway.png

Enable Tablet POS and Setup Licenses

  • In the Winery Master Admin settings, enable Tablet POS and setup Licenses



NOTE: The Master Username and Password should be defined by the client and will be used to register devices.  Please contact the client for this information.


Setup Save & Recall

  • In the Winery Master Admin settings, enable both Sales Associates and OMS Save/Recall


Configuring the Admin Panel

Setup Default Shipping Type

  • Click on “Shipping” on the left, then “Wine Shipping”, then “Shipping Types”
  • Select an existing Will Call shipping type (or create a new one)
  • This shipping type should have the address of where mobile POS will be used


Setup Quick Sale Customer

  • Click on “Members” on the left, then “Members”, and then search for First Name “Quick”
  • This is the customer attached to all “Guest” orders.
  • Create or confirm the existence of the Member Record for Quick Sale (First name: Quick; Last name:   Sale).
  • Ensure the winery address is entered for the Billing / Shipping Address and include a unique default email address.


Setup POS STORE Product Category

  • Click on “Products” on the left, then “Product Categories”
  • This creates the main directory for displaying Products in Tablet POS and it must be named exactly “POS STORE”.


NOTE: The winery client can configure their own Tablet POS categories.

  • Click the green pencil next to POS Store to edit, Select the “Category Properties” tab and then click the toggle to make this category private:


  • Be sure to select “POS Store” as parent category when creating sub-categories:


Optional Step if using vinSuite Desktop POS (RMS):

  • Confirm that TOTAL RECALL is installed

NOTE: If TotalRecall is not enabled, contact Napa Valley POS Customer Care to get details on TotalRecall.


Configure Tablet POS Licenses & Devices

Configure your Tablet POS Settings

Click on “Settings”, then “System Settings”, and then select the MobilePOS tab.

From this tab you can:

  • View License Usage:Licenses.png


  • Manage Locations


Click “Add New Location.” Provide a unique and memorable Location Name:


Once a Location is added, click the Pencil icon (Edit) under the Actions menu to set Tax rate and shipping type:


  • Manage Devices


Click “Add New Device.” Select a Location and provide a unique, memorable Device Name:


  • Manage Email Settings


  • Manage Required Billing Fields


In the above screen-shot, only the Email field is required when entering a billing address. The boxes selected will determine which fields are required in order to save a new billing address.


  • Manage Active Licenses


(Note that clicking the Trash can icon under Actions will clear the license.)


  • Unload Background Images


NOTE: We recommended a Background Image size of 1029x768 pixels. We suggest images also be 72dpi and that the
file name not have any spaces in it. EX: “TABLETBack.jpg” (correct) vs. “Tablet Back.jpg” (incorrect)


Setting Payment Types for Tablet POS

  • In the Winery Master Admin settings, you can set the payment types that will be accepted by the Tablet POS system from under the Payment tab in the MPOS column:



Setting Up Sales Associates

1.  Sales Associates are located under User Settings.Sales_Associates.png

2.  Edit an existing Sales Associate or create a new one to modify their settings.

3.  Here you can assign a PIN, and set their permissions while using Tablet POS.


NOTE: Sales Associates do not have a login to the Admin Panel and are only able to access Tablet POS if you set them up within the Admin Panel first.
NOTE: All Sales Associate PIN numbers must be unique.


Amend Product Settings for Tablet POS

  1. Setup Product “Short Names”
    On the General Tab of any Product you want to sell on Tablet POS enter or edit the “short name.”
  2. Setup POS STORE Product Categories
  • A new Product Category has been created named “POS STORE” for you.
  • Under that Category, you may want to further categorize your products by creating other categories
    such as Featured, Reds, Whites, or other specific categories depending on the products you want to sell.


  • Add the appropriate categories to “POS STORE”


NOTE: Products will automatically be included in the other Filters within Tablet POS for Varietal and
Vintage (assuming these are set up on each Product).

3.  Assign Products to the new POS STORE Categories

  • Open a Product and click the Categories tab.
  • Check the box next to each POS STORE category you would like that product to appear in.


NOTE: For any Product Category below POS STORE to be displayed in Tablet POS, at least 1 of the
products assigned to it also must be assigned to the POS STORE product category.


Congratulations!  You have successfully set up and configured the TabletPOS system.  For additional help with configuring printers, card readers, items, or promos, please check out the TabletPOS system help center.



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