Site Editor: Giving your images some space

Adding images to your content pages can make the page look more interesting and support what you're trying to get across with your text... if done correctly. Keep your pages from looking cramped by giving your images some room to breathe.



To select an image and give it some margins:

    1. Within the Site Editor, proceed to the page containing the image to which you'd like to give margins.


    2. Select the specific image by clicking on it. A selected image will show a little white box at each of the four corners.


    3. Once your image is selected, click on the Insert/Edit Image tool in the Site Editor menu.


    4. From there, click on the Advanced tab to access the margins.


    5. In this example, we'll just add some horizontal margins so the text to the left of the image doesn't bump right up to the image. Let's try putting "30" into the Horizontal space box.


    6. Click "Ok," and you're good to go. Your image finally has a little bit of space and privacy.



Congratulations! You have successfully made your images more comfortable.


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