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What Are Gift Certificates?

The Gift Certificate option in vinSUITE allows you to create a prepaid gift certificate to be used as an alternative to credit card purchases made from your website store.

Important Notes:

  • The Gift Certificate creation process is not dependent on any prepayment being made by the customer. We recommend  you first collect the dollar total from the member to cover the amount of the Gift Certificate before creating it.
  • Before offering Gift Certificates, make sure that the redemption fields are enabled in your website checkout process (see checkout image below). If these fields are not currently available, please contact our Support Desk at to enable this feature.

Using the Gift Certificate Utility

In vinSuite, expand the Products module located on the left hand menu and choose Gift Certificates option. The will open the Gift Certificate screen.



Adding a Gift Certificate

  1. Click Add a Gift Certificate


  1. Enter the following fields.


A.png Recipient: Enter the name of the person receiving the gift certificate.

B.png Initial Amount: Enter dollar amount.

C.png Active: Set the toggle to YES to activate the certificate.

Once the above fields have been entered, Click Save to create your gift certificate.

  1. Once the gift certificate has been created, a Certificate # and Key Code will be generated. These will need to be communicated to the Purchaser or Recipient. See below screenshot for details


Redeeming Gift Certificates via the Online Store Gift

Gift Certificates can be redeemed only through your online website store. When going through the checkout process, the person using the Gift Certificate will need to enter both the Certificate Number & Key Code. See below screenshot for details.

  • If the customer does not use the gift certificate in its entirety the gift card will be keep a balance.
  • The customer may use the gift certificate as many times as they want as long as there is a dollar amount available for use on the certificate.
  • The customer will have to contact the winery to find out the balance of the gift certificate.



Gift Certificate Usage Report
The Gift Certificate Usage BASE report will allow you to build a customized list of orders that have used a Gift Certificate as tender. For additional information on that report, visit the online help for vinSUITE Reports

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