Site Editor: Creating links

Turning text and images within your page content into links can help visitors to your site get to where they want to go, and see the information that most interests them.



To select text or an image to turn it into a link:

    1. Within the Site Editor, proceed to the page that has the text (or image) that you'd like to turn into a link.

      If it's text, select the text. If it's just a single word, you can select it by double-clicking the word. If it's more than one word, you can click and drag to select all the text you'd like to turn into a link. You'll know it's selected if it has a pleasant light blue background behind the text.

      In our example, we'll select the word "zippy," which is worth 21 points in a game of Scrabble.


      If it's an image, just click on the image. It will now have a little white box at each of the four corners to show that it's been selected.

      In our example, we'll select this picture of fancy people celebrating after a contentious game of Scrabble.


    2. Once you've selected your text or image that will soon be a link, you'll want to turn your attention to the Site Editor menu, where you'll click the Insert/edit Link button, which looks like some little gray chain links.

      The word "link", you see, has multiple meanings, and this icon is a proud tribute to that fact.


    3. And here's the Insert Link popup window. This is where you'll create the kind of link you want.


    4. Most importantly, you'll want to input the URL of the link. That just means "where you'd like the link to take the user."


      In this example, we're putting in, which is not a real website, somehow.


      You can also use the Target option to choose if you want the link to open in the current browser window ("None", the default option) or in a new window ("New Window"). But that's optional.

    5. Once you've got everything just right, click "Ok" to return to the content area.


    6. As you can see by its blue hue and understated underline, our "Zippy" text is now a link.


    7. If you're satisfied with all of your changes, click "Save" to lock them in.


Congratulations! You have successfully made some text or an image into a link!

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