Adding a QR Code to an Existing Receipt Format

Below are the image requirements and steps to add a QR code to your existing receipt format.

Image type: monochrome bitmap (.bmp)
Image dimensions: No larger than 220px by 220 px


First, to determine which receipt format is currently in use:
1. Open SO: Manager and login
2. Go to Database > Registers > Register List
3. Select one of your registers and click Properties
4. The receipt format will be listed at the bottom of the Receipt Printer 1 tab:



Adding the image to the footer logo of your receipt format:

1. Open SO: Manager and login
2. Go to Database > Registers > Receipt Formats
3. Select the Receipt Format from the steps above and click Properties
4. For the 'Sales:' entry, click Properties...
5. Scroll down to the Show Footer Logo field, and set to 'True'
6. Scroll down to the Logo Filename (Footer) field
7. Enter the file path to your QR Code image surround in quotes, ie: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\Pictures\QR-2.bmp"


8. Once you have made the above change, you can select Refresh and Print to test.
9. Click OK to save your changes
10. You will be prompted to update all transaction types set to the same Receipt Format, please click Yes here.
11. Click OK to finish.




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