Creating Kits in RMS

A kit is an assembly of individual products bundled together and sold as a group. While the products are sold together as one unit, within RMS Operations Manager, the individual products remain separate. This allows you to create gift sets, verticals and pre-mixed cases without creating a new inventory item.

In Operations Manager:

  1. Click "Database" and then "items" from the sub menu.Capture3.PNG 
  2. On the items screen, click the "New" button to the right.



     3. Select "Standard item" and then click Ok.



4. On this General tab, click on the value to the right of Item type, and then select Kit from the drop down menu.

Give your newly created Kit:

 1) item lookup code

 2) price



 5. Kit items can be added from the kit tab.



6. Once added, click the build button on this same tab to enter the number of Kits being                  entered. Then click Ok, and Ok again to save.

   *Please note the total inventory of the product is decremented when added to a kit



 7. The breakout option will allow you to enter the number of kits being removed from the total          number of kits; click Ok after the breakout number has been entered.



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