Site Editor: Turning your text into lists

If you've got information in a plain text list, you'll likely want to make that stand out from the rest of your content by turning it into a bullet list or a numbered list.



To select text and turn it into a list:

    1. Within the Site Editor, proceed to the page that has the text that you'd like to turn into a list.


    2. Your list text should be formatted so each item on the list is its own paragraph. Once that's the case, select each list line by clicking and dragging from the top of the list to the bottom (or the bottom to the top; I don't judge).


    3. Then you'll want to choose which kind of list you want. First we'll look at bullet lists. With your text selected, click the Bullet list button within the Site Editor menu. (It looks like someone is trying to contact the American Automobile Association using Morse code.)


    4. Now you'll see that your list is indented and each line is preceded by a non-lethal, eye-catching bullet.


    5. Now let's try a numbered list. With your text selected, click the Numbered list button within the Site Editor menu.


    6. Just like the bullet list, the numbered list is indented, but unlike the bullet list, each line of the list is numbered instead of having a bullet next to it. I'm almost 100% certain that that's how these two kinds of lists got their names.


    7. If you're satisfied with all of your changes, click "Save" to lock them in.

Congratulations! You have successfully turned your text into a list!

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