Site Editor: Adding special characters to your content

Sometimes the alphabet and standard punctuation marks just aren't enough. Maybe, for example, you want to indicate trademarked terms or copyrights. These are the times when it's helpful to add special characters to your content.

There are also times when adding special characters is a terrible idea; it's important to exercise good judgment.



To add special characters to your page content:

    1. Within the Site Editor, proceed to the page that has the text to which you'd like to add special characters.


    2. Using your mouse, move to the spot to which you'd like to add a special character, and click the mouse button. In our example, we're clicking right after the text that says "SuperWine."


    3. Then we'll click the Insert menu item within the Site Editor menu. Doing so reveals the Insert dropdown menu in all its splendor, and from there we'll click the Special character menu item.


    4. Now we're seeing all of the special character options at our disposal.


      There really are a lot of options. Please enjoy this closer look:


    5. We'll choose the trademark symbol. Click it, and you're good to go.


    6. We can see that SuperWine now appears as a trademarked term, which is practically begging for a firm response from Warner Brothers' lawyers. Fortunately, it is unlikely they'll ever see this demonstration article. If you are buds with any attorneys working for Warner Brothers, PLEASE DON'T TELL THEM ABOUT THIS.


    7. In addition to inserting special characters, you can also use the Site Editor to replace existing text with special characters. Please cast your gaze to the line of text that's appeared underneath the photo of wine glasses.


    8. In our example, we've selected the word "love" by double-clicking on the word itself.


    9. Then it's back to the Insert menu item in the Site Editor menu, and from there the Special character menu item.

    10. We'll replace the word "love" with a little heart, since the 2018 Merriam-Webster Tween Dictionary says they mean the same thing. Clicking the heart does the trick.


    11. Then just six more visits to the Special character menu item in the dropdown, and we've taken this joke to its logical conclusion; it looks like a mess. Don't do this with your text content. It's a terrible idea and it's hard to read.

      Also, I don't think you should advertise your David Spade Fan Club within the pages of your winery website. It's important, sometimes, to keep different parts of our lives separate from each other. What you do on weekends is nobody's business but your own.


Congratulations! You have successfully added special characters to your page content, and hopefully in a sensible, tasteful way!

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