How to setup automatic Member Type discounts

Promo Member type creation and applying discount can be done using the following steps:

  1. Create a 'PROMO' Member Type in eWinery Admin Panel:
  • Log into eWinery Admin Panel
  • Click 'Members' at the top of the screen
  • Click 'Member Types' at the top of the next screen
  • Click 'Add New Member Type' on the left
  • Type in Member Type name and click 'Save'

     2.  Create the 100% Discount and link it to the PROMO Member type:

  • Log into ProductControl
  • Open CartConnect (CartConnect is only installed on one machine.)
  • Select Connections on the left, and go to Customers Tab
  • Click the 'Customer Discounts' button on the bottom
  • Check 'Enable Customer Discounts' check box
  • Check 'Active' check box, in the Discount Grid
  • Using the 'Customer Type' drop-down list, select 'Member Type'
  • Type the Name of the discount, so that it matches the 'Member Type' name from step 1 EXACTLY (it is case-sensitive)

     3. Associate Customer with 'Member Type':

  • Open Store Operations - POS
  • Select CustomerCentral
  • Find the Customer you would like to have attached to a Member Type
  • With the Customer highlighted in blue, Click the 'Edit' button on the right
  • Click the 'Web Info' vertical tab
  • Click the 'Member Types' tab
  • Select the appropriate Member Type
  • Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen
  • Click 'Select Customer' on the right (green button), and confirm Discount at the top has the appropriate discount being applied for the Customer

Congratulations, you have successfully setup a Member Type in eWinery and tied that Member Type to a customer in POS.

This method can, also, be used to easily track and allow reporting for pours. For a step-by-step tutorial to implement this, please check out: 

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