Why are my RMS orders not showing up in ShipCompliant?

     RMS orders flow into ShipCompliant through an NVPOS product called RealtimeCompliance. Anytime that your RMS order(s) do not appear in ShipCompliant, the next place you should look is within RealtimeCompliance. Listed below are the steps to view orders in RealTimeCompliance and push those orders to ShipComliant:

  1. Open and Log in to ProductControl

  2. Highlight the product RealtimeCompliance and click 'Run Application' at the bottom of the window

  3. Click the 'Shipping Orders' tab at the top of RealtimeCompliance
    Note: The field 'Last Compliance Response' shows the reason each order is stuck in RTC.

  4. You will need to resolve the compliance issues to send these orders to ShipCompliant
    - Alternatively, you can right-click the order and select 'Force Non-Compliant Order To Be Sent'

  5. The 'Last Compliance Response' field will change to 'Sent To Fulfillment' once an order has been successfully sent to ShipCompliant

Congratulations, you have successfully sent orders stuck in RealtimeCompliance to ShipCompliant.

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping orders and their interaction with RealtimeCompliance, please leave a comment below or give us a call at 707-320-2874.

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