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Brief description: This document will cover the steps to execute a Transfer In, Transfer Out, and a Transfer Between using InventoryCentral.

Trigger: The need to manage multiple inventories with the Microsoft Retail Management System application.

Estimated time for completion: 15 minutes+


  • Need Administrator access to ProductControl 

Procedure - Inventory Transfer

  1. Launch ProductControl and log in

  2. Highlight InventoryCentral and click the Run Application button

  3. On the Inventory Adjustments tab, click the New button on the righ hand side of the screen.

  4. You will be taken to the Inventory Adjustment screen
    • Step 1: Type of Inventory Update

      • Transfer In - increase inventory of selected items to a specific location
      • Transfer Out - decrease inventory of selected items to a specific location
      • Transfer Between Locations - move inventory for selected items between locations
      • Physical Inventory - perform a physical inventory count for a particular location

    • Step 2: Select Location(s)

      • For Transfer In - Target location where inventory will increase
      • For Transfer Out - Source location where inventory will decrease
      • Transfer between Locations - Source and Target location
      • Physical Inventory - Location of inventory that is being counted

    • Step 3: Options

      • Choose to show only active items or all items.

    • Step 4: Item Selection

      • Show no items for manual entry - Choose 
      • Show all items - Adjust inventory for ALL items
      • Show items in selected departments - select/omit individual departments
      • Show all items in selected categories - select/omit individual categories
      • Show items where Lookup Code contains - Single out a particular item.

    • Click the green 'OK' button

    5. You will be taken to the Transfer window, there are a few things that need to be done here.

    • You can enter a description to help identify the adjustment

    • All items in the table here, will be effected by the adjustment.

    • You can review the effected items, and add an item that was left out

    • Under the quantity section, you can change the quantity for all items here.

    • You can save this adjustment for later, by clicking the 'Save' button
      - Saved adjustments can be accessed later from the Inventory Adjustment tab from step 3

You are now ready to submit these changes.Be wary, that once this is done, it cannot be undone, so be sure to verify the numbers before clicking the green 'Commit' button.

    6. Go back to the Inventory Adjustments screen - you can review past adjustments here.

    • You can adjust the filters and date range at the bottom to find specific adjustments.

    7. Click the 'Inventory' tab

    • You can view the inventory for all locations from this table.

    • The table will include the Item Lookup Code, Description, and Inventory amount per location.

    • You can, also, filter the inventory to track down a particular item.

If you have any questions or concern regarding this tutorial or navigating InventoryCentral, please reach out and contact us by email ( or give us a call (707.320.2478)


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