Performing a Physical Inventory Count

Brief Description: This document will outline the steps to create a Physical Inventory count in Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS)

Trigger: Needing to perform a physical inventory in your store, comparing the count to the Store Operations database, reporting on the differences and you can update the database.

Estimated time for completion: 5-60 + minutes


  • Need access to Store Operations - Manager




  1. Launch Manager.png and log in

  2. Click Inventory | Physical Inventory:

  3. The 'Physical Inventory' screen appears, displaying Physical Inventory's with a status of open, counted, or closed. Click new to create a new Physical Inventory count:

  4. Under 'Generation Selection', determine the criteria by which you would like to count a particular inventory. NVPOS customers typically choose to 'create a blank physical inventory count for manual entry'(1) as to customize what is going to be counted. Another common method is 'Generate for all items in the selected Group'(2) to count by individual departments, categories, or suppliers. Click OK to continue:
  5. The 'Physical Inventory Count' screen will appear, including all items chosen at the last screen. If all items are included that you wish to count, click OK.
    • If you chose a blank inventory count, click the Add1.png button to add items to the count

    • Type in an item Lookup Code in the applicable text box or click the Lookup1.png button to browse for a particular item

    • Click Accept1.png to add the item and selected quantity and continue adding items

    • Once you are finished adding items, click the Done1.png button

    • Once you have added all your items, you will may want to Print1.png out a count sheet. Follow the prompts to display the count sheet report, and use the PrintIcon1.png button.

     6. Verify your counts for each item included in this Physical Inventory Count.

    • If you need to edit an items count, you may do so in the field 'Count':

    • If you need to reset the count date click the 'Set Dates' button, edit the applicable Date and/or Time and click OK:

     7. Once you are certain of your items and their respective counts, click the 'Calculate'(1) button -> Read the prompt and click 'OK'(2):

     8. If you have a discrepancy (over or under on expected item count) it will appear in the next screen

    • If you believe that this discrepancy was reached by user mis-count, click the 'Recount' button to go back a step and start over:

    • If you are certain your numbers are correct, click the 'Commit' button:

    • You will be prompted that this changes the database, confirm you want to continue by clicking Yes1.png

     9. You inventory will now reflect the changes you have made with a Physical Inventory Count

    • If you believe that you made an error you can process another Physical Inventory to correct it, or simply use an Inventory Transfer In / Inventory Transfer Out.

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