Setting up security levels in Store Operations - POS

Brief Description: Security levels are used as part of a method to control access to certain functions and accessibility to areas and actions performed in Store Operations - POS

Trigger: You have multiple cashiers and need to create restrictions for different staff positions in the Store Operations - POS application.

Estimated time of completion: 5 - 60+ minutes


  • Need to have administrator access to Store Operations - POS




  1. Open and log in to Store Operations - POS

  2. On the transaction screen, click on the blank field located to the left of the 'F7: Set Customer' function key. You should see the 'Security Mode' icon displayed both on the field that was just clicked and at the top of the transaction window.

  3. Select the window whose security controls you want to define. For this example, press F2 to display the 'Items' window.

  4. If you do not want certain cashiers to be able to delete an item at the point-of-sale, you could restrict access to the Delete button. To do this, click on the 'Delete' button. You will see the Security window.

  5. In the 'Access Rights' table, position the cursor on the applicable security level and either select or clear the 'Disable Change' option for the applicable security level. If you select (check) the option, the cashier assigned to this security level will not be able to delete an item.

  6. Click 'OK'

  7. On the 'Items' window, you can set the security access for the applicable controls.

  8. When you finish, press 'CTRL+S'. You can then display another window and press 'CTRL+S' again to assign the security access privileges. Repeatedly press 'CTRL+S' enable you to switch from assigning security control behaviors to displaying other windows.

  9. After you set up your security structure, click on the 'Security Mode' icon located on the bott left corner of the transaction screen to exit security mode.
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