Installing New Reports in RMS


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This procedure will show you how to install new reports that will be included in your Report Menu in Store Operations - Manager.




You receive a customized report from NVPOS or another source.

Estimated time
for completion:


2 minutes



  1) Access to Store Operations Manager

  2) A Report file (with a .qrp extension)



  1. Save the Report file to your desktop or somewhere else easy to find.

  2. You will need to locate the directory that contains your report files.
    Open Store Operations - Administrator

  3. Click 'File' | 'Configuration'

  4. Click the 'Paths' tab

  5. Using your mouse highlight the entire path that is in the Reports box. Right-click on the highlighted section and click 'Copy'

  6. In order to open that folder, double-click on 'My Computer' or open a Windows folder

  7. You can Erase the path that is in the address bar and Paste in the address you copied earlier, then press 'Enter' on the keyboard.

  8. You can click and drag the new report file from the desktop into this folder. You can close the folder.

  9. Open Store Operations Manager

  10. The new report can be found in the Reports menu (If the file name start with "Custom" it will be in the custom menu, if the file name starts with "Memorized" it will be in the Memorized menu)

Note: If your company uses a shared drive for reports (i.e. the path doesn't start with C:\) then the report will only be available on that computer. You can repeat this process for other computers.

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