[InventoryCentral]: Reviewing Inventory Adjustments

Brief Description: Tracking adjustments in InventoryCentral is very simple. Having control and insight for all your inventory adjustments can make managing your inventory far less difficult.

Trigger: Inventory adjustments have been made and you would like to review them.

Estimated Time of Completion: 5 - 10 minutes.


  • Access to ProductControl and InventoryCentral


  1. Open and log in to ProductControl

  2. Highlight InventoryCentral and click 'Run Application'

  3. By default, you will see the 'Inventory Adjustments' tab

  4. In the 'Filter' section, you can choose your filter criteria.
    - This will allow you to find a specific inventory adjustment.
    - You can also input a specific item lookup code to only see adjustments that contain that item.

  5. In the 'Date Range' section, you can select what dates to filter
    - This allows you to limit the adjustments to only the selected date.

  6. Once you have entered your filter information, click the green 'Search' button

  7. You can review the adjustment here.
    - If the 'Commit' button is able to be selected, the adjustment has not been committed, yet.
    - If the 'Commit' button is NOT able to be select, the adjustment has been committed and can only be corrected through a reverse adjustment.

You have successfully searched for an adjustment and reviewed it. 

If you have an questions regarding this function, feel free to reach out through email ( or via phone (707.320.2478)

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