Store Operations - Manager: "Bad file name or number"

This error message means that RMS is unable to navigate to the File Paths that were configured in Store Operations - Admin

Initially, the file paths should be checked to ensure they are looking in the appropriate folder. This can be done using the following steps:

  1. Open Store Operations - Admin
  2. Select File | Configuration from the menu bar
  3. Click the 'Paths' tab

Now, you can see each individual file path and this will help determine whether the files are being stored locally or on a shared drive.

Subsequently, there are a couple reasons this particular path could not be accessed. Listed below are known reasons the link to the file path may be severed:

If file path is on the local drive:

    • Path entered in RMS is invalid or has been deleted or moved.
    • The user account permissions are restricted for the file path.

If file path is on a shared/network drive:

    • Ethernet cable is unplugged.
    • Wireless network is disconnected.
    • Your device is unable to authenticate(log in) with the drive the file path is on.
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