Why are my RMS orders not showing up in eWinery?

RMS orders flow into the eWinery database through the NVPOS product called CartConnect. All configuration settings and information for NVPOS products can be reviewed and modified in ProductControl. In CartConnect, you can track orders that are imported and exported to and from RMS, respectively. Anytime that orders are not showing up in eWinery, that means these orders are not being exported into eWinery. So, we will need to check the status of these orders in CartConnect. Listed below are the steps necessary to view and export the orders stuck in CartConnect:

  1. Open and log in to ProductControl
  2. Highlight CartConnect and click 'Run Application'
  3. Select 'Orders' from the 'Export from RMS' sub-menu on the left side of CartConnect
  4. Select the orders you wish to export, and click the green 'Export' button the bottom-right corner of the menu.

You should see the orders exported, one-by-one, in the 'Active Connections' text box. This signifies that the orders are being exported successfully, and being posted into eWinery's database. 

The orders in CartConnect are pushed into eWinery based on the scheduler that is set up during initial configuration. This scheduler is dependent on a service that is set to start during the boot of your machine. It is beneficial to restart your machine at the end of every night, to help prevent any scheduler issues within CartConnect.

Note: If the orders are still not exporting after the steps listed here are completed, please give us a call at 707.320.2478.

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