[CustomerCentral]: Creating a customer

Brief Description: This process will create a customer in your eCommerce database; the information will then be accessible from the POS, eCommerce admin panel, wine club, etc.

Trigger: There is a new customer and you would like to track their purchase history and.or retain their information for direct marketing purposes. This process is also required in order to complete a shipping order.

Estimated time for completion: 3 seconds or more, depending on the amount of information collected.


  • Access to Microsoft RMS POS with Cashier permission
  • CustomerCentral installed on POS station
  • At least one piece of customer identifying information: Name, email address or phone number


  1. Log in to Microsoft RMS POS
    Note: You may create a customer at any time before tendering a transaction. Therefore' you may add products to an order and create the customer before completing the transaction.

  2. Click 'CustomerCentrol' on the right-hand side of the POS screen.

  3. You may either:
    • Swipe the customer's credit card through the Magnetic Strip Reader(MSR)
    • Swipe the customer's driver's license through the MSR (if the DL has a mag strip)
    • Scan the customer's driver's license with a 2D barcode scanner (if the DL has a 2d barcode and you have a 2D barcode scanner)
    • Type the name, phone or email address into the appropriate box of the search bar
          Note: if you will be using phone number to look up customers, be sure that all cashiers enter the numbers using a consistent format. For example, always use 707-320-2478 when creating or searching for customers, no parenthesis.

      4. Press 'Search' (green button) if you typed in information. If you swiped a card, the search is automatic. This will search your database to look for a match on the information that was entered.

         If no match is found, a window will appear with the following content: "No Customer Found. Do you want to create a new customer?"
Note: If a match is found, determine if it is the same person, or a new person with similar information. For example, there could be two John Smiths with different email addresses. If this is a new customer despite the match, click 'New' and continue with the process.

     5. Click the 'Yes' button to bring up the Customer Details Window:

     6. Any information you had entered will automatically go into this detail screen.   That includes street address information if you swiped a driver's license. If you swiped a credit card number is NOT stored, only the name is used.

     7. Fill in any additional information that you collect from the customer. You may also enter wine club membership information in the Web Info tab. You can reference the article "Adding or Modifying a Wine Club Membership in CustomerCentral" for a walk through of this process.

     8. Press 'Select Customer' to save the customer information and continue with the sale transaction. 
Note: If no email address is entered for the customer, the email address field may turn yellow to prompt the cashier to enter the email address. Choosing Select customer again will allow the customer to be created with a generic email address. If the field did not turn  yellow, a generic email address is created automatically. If you would like to turn this 'Prompt for Email' field on or off, you may changed the setting in the CustomerCentral settings available in ProductControl.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a customer!

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