Transfer Inventory In - Manager

Brief Description: In this article you will learn how to perform an Inventory Transfer In from Store Operations - Manager.

Trigger: You will want to perform an inventory transfer in whenever a shipment is received and needs to be added to the RMS Inventory

Estimated time for completion: 10-20 minutes


  • Need access to Store Operations Manager



  1. Open and Log in to Store Operations - Manager

  2. Click 'Inventory' | 'Transfer Inventory In'

  3. Click the 'New' button

  4. Select 'Create a new blank inventory transfer in order for manual entry' and click 'OK'

  5. Input a title and enter where this shipment is coming from in the 'Transfer from:' field

  6. Click the 'Contents' tab

  7. Click the 'Add Item...' button

  8. Locate the item you are receiving, highlight it, and click the 'Select' button (Repeat this step until all items are added)

  9. Enter the counter for each item and click 'OK'

  10. Click 'OK' again to save the Inventory Transfer In

  • Receiving an Inventory Transfer In
    1. Highlight the 'Inventory Transfer In' that you want to receive and click the 'Receive' button

    2. Enter the amount received for each item in the 'Qty Rcv' field

    3. Click the 'Commit' button to commit the quantities to your inventory (Caution: there is no way to undo the inventory once you have committed this. Make sure you have entered your quantities correctly before clicking 'Commit'.)
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