Opening and Closing Procedures for RMS (Using external credit card processing)

Brief Description: This document covers the procedures necessary for opening and closing the day of POS activity in the correct manner. These procedures need to be completed at each individual register.

Trigger: You are just about to begin the day and open for business and/or all sales have been completed for the day and are ready to close out the register.

Estimated time for completion: 20 minutes


  • Need to have necessary permissions to perform opening/closing procedures.




  1. Opening the register for the day
    • Verify that the prior day's sales batch was closed
      • Open Store Operations POS and log in
      • Perform a SHIFT+F6: Graphs function
      • This will display a report with department sales for the day
      • This report should show a grand total of zero, if not please follow the closing procedures to close this batch (Step #2)
    • Enter opening amounts
      • Push the 'F5: Open/Close' button
      • Select 'Enter opening amounts' and press 'OK' button
      • Manually count the cash in the cash drawer and input the total in the Amount field for the Cash tender type.
      • Click the 'OK' button and the register is now open.

     2. Closing the register for the day

    • Open Store Operations POS and log in
      • Push 'F5: Open / Close
      • Select 'Print X Report'
    • Push the 'F5: Open / Close' button
      • Select 'Enter closing amounts'
      • Manually count the cash in the cash drawer and input the total in the Amount field for the cash tender type.
      • Review X Report and input totals for each Tender Type on the shift totals from the X Report
      • Once all totals are entered, click 'OK'
      • Push 'F5: Open / Close'
      • Run another X Report and confirm that all totals are EVEN
        • If they are not, recount and re-enter closing amounts
      • Push 'F5: Open / Close'
      • Select 'Print Z Report'
    • Settling the EDC Batch (only needs to be performed at one register)
      • This step should only be completed after each register has run the Z-report
      • Open Store Operations Manager
      • Click the 'Utilities' menu
        • Select 'Settle EDC Batch'
        • Push the 'Settle' button
        • Review the response message
          • If "All transactions settled' is shown, your End-of-Day is complete
          • If you recieve any errors, call the Microsoft/Vital Help Desk at 866.634.2099
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