Entering a Cash and Carry Sale in RMS (Quick Sale)

Brief Description: This process is used to make a quick sale. This does not assign the transaction to a specific customer. Although this process is called "Cash and Carry", any tender type may be used that has been set up in Retail Management System (RMS).

Trigger: A Customer would like to purchase, but you are not interested in retaining this customer's purchase history.

Estimated time for completion: 10 seconds or more, depending on the number of items to be sold.


  • Access to RMS Point of Sale with cashier permissions




  1. Open and log in to Store Operations - POS

  2. Add items to the transaction by using a barcode scanner, or by using the touchscreen menu at the bottom of the screen.

  3. When using the touchscreen, the buttons on the left give you access to traditional functions and items. For example, if the item you are looking for is not shown on the screen, press 'Next' to view more options, there may be several pages of items. If you still can't find the item, you may be able to find it using the Departments list. Press 'Menu'

  4. Press 'Departments'

  5. Press a Department to view the list of items in the department

  6. Press the desired item to add it to the order

  7. If you do not know the department that the item is in, you could, also, press 'F2: Lookup'

  8. This is a list of all active items. You can choose and item and press 'OK' or use the 'Find' button

  9. Each item that you add will be shown on the Transaction Entry screen.

  10. You may modify the items using the following procedures:
    • Remove an item
    Press the item to select it and press 'Del' on keyboard or touchscreen keyboard
    • Increase quantity of an item
    Press the current quantity of an item and enter the new quantity using the keyboard or touchscreen keyboard. Press 'Enter' or 'OK'.
    Note: A shortcut to add more than one of an item is to press a number for the quantity, then * on the screen or the keyboard, THEN choose the item from the touchscreen menu or scan it.
    • Change the Price of an Item
    Press the current price and enter the new price. Press 'Enter' or 'OK'
    Note: If you make any changes and then want to add more items, press to select the line below the last item in your list before adding more items. Otherwise, an existing item may be overwritten.

  11. After all items have been added to the transaction press 'OK', 'F12: Tender', or press 'Enter' on the keyboard to bring up the tender screen
  12. You should now enter the amount tendered into the appropriate box.

    Note: You may press '+' to automatically enter the exact change amount (great for credit cards)
    Note: To enter multiple tender types, enter the amount to be paid by each tender. For multiple Credit Cards of the same type, enter the amount for the first card and press 'Enter'. After swiping that card number, there will be a new box to enter the remaining amount.

  13. Press 'OK'. Swipe the credit card if you are prompted to. After the transaction is completed, you will see a window showing the amount of change due (if any).

  14. The receipt will print automatically. This transaction is completed.
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