Creating a Standard Item in RMS

In order to create a new item in RMS, you will need to have the following prerequisites:

  • Manager Log-in credentials
  • Administrator rights to create/modify items

The appropriate steps to creating an item in RMS are listed below: 



1.  Open Store Operations Manager   SOM.png


2.  Select "Database"

3.  Select "Items"


4.  Select "New"

     *To create a new vintage of an existing item, find the item in the item list and select "Copy".  This will copy all the attributes of the existing item.  Simply give the new vintage a unique ItemLookupCode and update the vintage and price


5.  In the items menu, add the new unique ItemLookupCode, Set the Department*, Item Tax, and Price.  When done, click "OK".


* To search for the proper department, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the department and choose the appropriate department from the list.  After selecting the department, click OK.


Congratulations!  You have successfully created a new Standard Item.  For additional item setup, you can adjust the special pricing within the "Pricing" Tab or set custom options for the item in the "Options" tab (see below).



Within the "Options" tab, you can select options such as:

Must enter price at the POS. This option will prompt the cashier to enter the price when the item is added to the transaction

Item is not discountable at the POSThis prevents the item from being discounted within the transaction

Item is Inactive.  This will remove the item from searches on the POS.



  • If you want the new item to be shipped, the item also needs to be created in ShipCompliant.  For assistance with uploading your items to ShipCompliant, please refer to the following help center document.  Configuring Item upload to ShipCompliant

  • If you want the new item to be available in the vinSUTE Admin Panel, the item needs to be created in vinSUITE.  For more information on this setup, please refer to the following help center document: Creating an item in vinSUITE
  • For detailed instructions on setting these items up for use in the TabletPOS system, please refer to this document for step by step instructions: Creating an item for tPOS


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