[CustomerCentral]: Configuration, Favorites and Prompts

Step 1: Updating Software - This must be done at each Register

  1. Close the RMS Point of Sale Application

  2. Open NVPOS ProductControl as Administrator (hold shift + right click mouse)- and Log in 

  3. Click "Check for updates" then click "Install all updates"              
  4. CustomerCentral should show Install Version or later.

  5. Right-click on CustomerCentral and choose RMS Hooks > Activate, click OK when it's done.


Step 2: Configuring CustomerCentral - This only needs to be done at one register

From ProductControl, double-click on CustomerCentral

1. General 

    - Master Customer Connection is your Database connection

    - Internet Timeout - If RMS can't access the Database in the cloud in "X" amount of time it will search the local database 

    - Swipe Wait Time - The amount of time to wait for all the swiped data to be entered before searching the database

    - Minimum Cashier Security for Customer edits on the Web Info Tab in Customer Details/CustomerCentral


2. TotalRecall if you use TotalRecall feature

    - Recall saved Web and OMS orders

    - Recall uncharged Willcall club orders

    - Recall declined Willcall Club orders

    - Add a certain SalesRep to recalled orders

3. Prompts for the cashier/customer if you want certain information to be required for purchase

    - Prompts for Email and Phone number on customer creation

    - Prompt for Email, Name, and/or Phone number on checkout

    - Full CustomerCentral lookup upon checkout - This will bring up CustomerCentral if no customer is entered upon checkout.


4. Automatically add specified Member Type to a new customer

5. Incrementing and Decrementing inventory - Options for Pick Up orders - and what printer to print the pickup orders to

6. Only if you use Kitchen Printers

7. Options for your HTML/Customer Display bar in RMS - Highlight Club - Item Count

8. Automatically pop up the details window when the first item from the selected department is added to the transaction.

Step 3: Adding Favorites to your list 

1. Click the 'Favorites' Tab

2. To add a favorite to your list, click 'New'



1. Input the Name or Account number of the customer you want to favorite

2. Hit search - The customer will show up in the right colum

3. You may choose the button color of the favorite customer

4. You may choose the display order of the favorites

5. Security settings for customer edits

6. Click 



3. Continue adding favorite customers as necessary

4. To finish, click 'Save/Close'. You may now re-open RMS Point of Sale.


Step 4: Where are the Favorites & Adding Favorites to your order

1. Log into RMS POS

2. Set your customer 

3. Choose your Favorite Customer that you entered earlier

(Favorites are good to use for owners/house accounts/frequently used accounts/tastings)

4. Hit  and begin your order


End of Configuring Favorites and Prompts

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