[TotalRecall]: Installation and Configuration

Brief Description: This document will cover the steps to install TotalRecall, as well as its standard use.

Trigger: The need exists to download saved orders from the eCommerce Admin Panel to complete at the POS.

Estimated time for completion: 15 minutes


  • Need Administrator access to ProductControl


  1. Log in to ProductControl

  2. Click on the 'Product Store' button

  3. Click the green 'Install' button on the TotalRecall line

  4. Follow the installation wizard to complete the install

  5. Click the 'Check for Updates' button to bringin the license count

  6. Right-click on TotalRecall, go to Register Product, and click Register

  7. Click the 'Install All Updates' button to update TotalRecall to the latest version

  8. Right-click on TotalRecall, go to RMS Hooks, and click 'Activate'
    - A short script will run in the command prompt. Do not exit out of the script.

  9. The RMS hook for CustomerCentral needs to be set after the hook for TotalRecall is set. Right-click on CustomerCentral, go to RMS Hooks, and click Activate.
    - A short script will run in the command prompt. Do not exit out of the script.
  10. Launch CustomerCentral and on the Settings tab choose which order types you would like to be able to process via TotalRecall and RMS.
  11. Launch Microsoft Store Operations POS and log in

  12. Click the TotalRecall button on the custom POS button portion of the transaction screen

  13. You will see orders originating from your eCommerce provider with a status of 'Saved' in the grid queued up to import to RMS for completion

  14. Narrow down your search further by using one of the supplied filters:
    - Filter by Last Name
    - Show all orders since
    - Click the 'Search' button to apply the filter(s)

  15. You can, also, select a customer into the transaction and determine whether or not they have an oder that applies to the setting configured in CustomerCentral from step 10 on the HTML Status Bar

  16. Click the 'Show Items' button to view detail level information e: items contained in the transaction

  17. Do you want to import this order to POS for completion? Click the 'Search' button

  18. The applicable customer will appear in the transaction along with all associated items

  19. If one or more items do not exist in the RMS database, an error message will appear:

    "ItemLookupCode [123456] is not found in RMS"

    - To allow the order to flow through to POS, add the ItemLookupCode (SKU) in POS with matching dimensions of the SKU in your eCommerce Admin Panel.

  20. Process the order as you would a standard POS transaction. The original eWinery order will be cancelled and will flow up with the appropriate order type (ie. 'Club' if an Uncharged or Declined Will Call) and with the pre-configured order prefix for RMS orders.
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