What is a Member Record?

The Members section of the admin panel allows you to access your customer database. The Members module is where you will manage and maintain your members, define member types, and use the Member Maintenance Tool to identify and merged together duplicate records.

Tip: The term "Member" in vinSUITE is the general term for a customer.  Members can be customers who have made a purchase, joined a club, signed up for the mailing list, etc. A customer's Member Type is defined by their interactions with vinSUITE.


Member Records

Member records in vinSuite hold all of the information you have collected about a given customer. Information in each record is organized into tabs for ease of use.

New member records can be added to your customer database manually (see 'Adding a New Member') or as a function of storing other data such as order records, wine club signups, tour reservations or newsletter subscriptions. Once a member has been added to the database any additional information gathered during the course of your relationship with that customer will compile under that single customer record.

vinSUITE always searches for potential existing member records by billing email address.

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