Member Record: Wallet

Use the Wallet tab in the member record to store a member’s credit card information.


Primary Credit Card

The first card entered into the wallet will be marked as ‘Primary’ and will be the default payment type for all orders. A member may choose to store as many different credit card numbers on account as they would like, however there can be only one ‘Primary’ card.  The primary credit card on a members account is always indicated with a green dollar sign ($).

Each time you update the primary credit card information vinSuite will check the member’s order history for open orders where that new card info could be applied. You will then be presented with the option to update the payment info for those orders automatically if you would like. This will not charge the orders, just update the payment info for them, you will still need to open the order record and process it.


Credit Card Security

Card numbers are encrypted to ensure card security.   This does not affect your ability to charge orders against this credit card in vinSuite, you just will never be able to see the entire credit card number. When necessary, card numbers can always be verified using the card type and the last four digits of the card number.

Winery clients who have chosen to take the next step in security and tokenize their credit cards will see an encrypted card number and a Credit Card Token listed in each saved card.

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