Orders: Creating an Order

  1. In vinSuite, expand the ‘Orders’ section of the left hand navigation then choose ‘Create New Order’, this will open the Order Management System (OMS).

    You may also access the OMS by clicking “Create Order”. This will open a new order and draw in all of the member’s information.


  1. Set the Member for the order by either using the fields provided to search for an existing member in your database, OR use the “New Member” button to add new customer information for the order.

    Once set, the Member’s billing and shipping address information will show on the right of your screen. Addresses can be edited as needed by clicking the orange pencil or choosing a saved address from the Address Book. A summary of your relationship with that member on the left.



  1. Add Items to your order using the options in the “Add Items” section. This section is divided into tabs, giving you quick access to all of your Products.

    • Recent: Products that have been recently purchased by this member.
    • Featured: Current Release or popular products.
    • Search: Find products by product name or SKU.
    • Catalog: Search by Product Type and Product Name.

    Select a product then use the add field at the bottom of this section to add a quantity of this product to your order. Added products will show on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. Once all products have been added to the order, you may edit the line item QTY or price using the fields provided. If you make changes here, you will need to click ‘Update Order’ to save the changes to your order.

    Orders with unsaved changes will display the message “Changes have not been saved.” until the ‘Update Order’ button is clicked.

  1. Edit Shipping, Taxes and Discounts as needed. To view or make changes in this section click the arrow in the right corner of the ‘S&H’ or ‘Discount’ sections to show more details.

    will always default to the lowest cost shipping type (usually some version of ground). The shipping method may be changed by using the ‘Shipped?’ toggle OR the carrier drop down in the shipping section.

    Changing the ‘Shipped?’ toggle to NO will change the order from shipping to Will Call. In place of the carrier drop down, you will see a list of pickup locations.

    DISCOUNTS will either automatically apply or need to be applied via a coupon depending on how the discount is set up. To add a Discount with a coupon code, expand the discounts section and choose your coupon from the drop-down.

    TAXES are automatically calculated using the rates listed in State Profiles or the ShipCompliant tax service. If you do not wish to charge taxes on an order you can us the ‘Non-Taxable Order’ toggle to waive the entire tax amount. Taxes cannot be overridden or edited.

  2. Enter Payment and finalize your order. When the member has a primary credit card in their Wallet, this information will default into the payment section of the order.

    If this information is correct, you may choose to process the order by clicking the ‘Process Order’ button.


Changing Payment Types
Changing the payment type on an order use the drop down menu in the top left of the payment section to choose your new payment type.

  • Choosing ‘Credit Card’ will allow you to enter new credit card information, you may also choose from any of the credit cards available in the member’s Wallet. Other payment types that are not a credit card will show depending on you admin panel settings.

  • Choosing a payment type that is not a credit card will allow you to process the order and assumes that you have collected the payment (cash, check, invoice, comp, etc.).
  1. Once an order has processed you will receive a confirmation message like the one below.

    • ‘View Order’ will open the detailed order record where you can choose to email a copy of the receipt to the customer.
    • ‘Print Receipt’ will print a copy of the order receipt to whatever printer is attached to the computer you are using.
    • ‘Start Over’ will close this order and take you back to the beginning of order entry.
    • ‘Close’ will close the pop-up and return you to the OMS screen.


Other OMS Tools

Sales Associates Use this section to record the name of the person who made the sale.

Order Type Override Use this tool to change the order type from ‘Admin’ to any other order type allowed in eWinery. This is a permission based tool.

Order Source This is an Open text field you can use to “tag” orders as needed.

Shipping Notes & Gift Messages This is a place where you can make extra annotations on the order. Notes made in these fields are included on the customer’s receipt, so they should be ‘customer friendly’.

Order Notes These are the internal notes of this order. These notes will track each action taken against the order as well as any internal notes that you like to make.
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