Orders: Save & Recall

What is Save & Recall?

Use the Save and Recall feature in OMS to start an order, save it then come back and complete it later. Follow the instructions below to save and recall an order.


Saving an Order

  1. Create an Order in vinSuite. (see add order)
  2. Before clicking ‘Process Order’ scroll back to the top of your screen and choose ‘Save’ from the top row of buttons in the upper left of the workspace.

  3. Once your order is saved, you can click ‘Start Over’ to begin a new order for a different customer.


Recalling a Saved Order

  1. To recall an Order, go to the Orders section of your vinSuite admin panel and choose ‘Create New Order’.

    If you have the “Orders” tab already open in your workspace you can simple click on that tab to return to that section.

  2. When the OMS screen appears in the workspace, click the ‘Recall’ button in the upper left of your screen.

  3. Choose the order you would like to Recall from the list by clicking on the orange pencil.

  4. Your Order will open in the OMS screen. Make your changes then choose to either re-save the order (see above) or process the order.
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